Customized cooking services prepared in your home based on your individual needs or taste preferences. Shopping, cooking, storage, labeling, and directions for perfect meals are provided.

Customized evaluation of diet and lifestyle are assessed. Laboratory services (optional) are available to more easily analyze diet deficiencies and or needs. Becker Nutrition works with Metametrix Laboratories, which has proven be highly effective in treating unique and specific needs of their clients.

Whether your goal is…
• To lose weight
• Boost athletic performance
• Improve mood
• Control diabetes
• Live longer and healthier

Chef Becker is able to help you in this process by evaluating your individual needs and implementing an appropriate menu and lifestyle plan to improve your health.

Initially an evaluation of your current nutritional status will be assessed by analyzing your three day diet journal and/or by using laboratory tests to ascertain deficiencies and needs. The result of the assessment will culminate with a personalized eating plan that is specific to your individual needs and goals. Recipes, food choices, and preparation tips can all be a part of this plan.

Cost will vary, since Becker Nutrition services are individually tailored to fit the needs of each client.

An example of pricing may be as follows:

> Initial Consultation: $175
(Includes initial intake and one follow up session)

> Second Session: $75
(Recipes, Diet, Tips and Analysis)

> Laboratory Fee: $250-$450 ~ optional
(Comprehensive metabolic testing offered in conjunction with an M.D. for clients who need to ascertain specific deficiencies or needs).

Customized services based on your individual need. Helping to make your time in the kitchen more effective. $75 hr
• Shopping Tips
• Pantry System
• Kitchen Layout
• Cooking Instruction

A gift certificate from Becker Nutrition is the perfect solution when the answer to “what’s for dinner?” is often delivery, pre-packaged or frozen meals. A delicious meal prepared by Chef Becker will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Gift certificates are available for any amount starting at $175.

Gift Certificate

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  • Testimonials

    • “Chris has been our personal chef and nutritionalist for almost 7 years. From day one we were impressed with both his skill in the kitchen and his ever-increasing knowledge
      of which foods would create the healthiest diet for our family. He has been a tremendous resource for our dietary needs”~ Eric Riess & Helena Weil, Ph.D.
    • “Our family hired [Chris] as a chef after our second baby was we could enjoy a nutritious gourmet meal without going out to dine... [Chris] was a lifesaver during those postpartum months. I highly recommend Chris as a personal chef and or nutritional consultant to anyone who wants outstanding healthy cuisine and professional, friendly service.”~ Sarah & Morgan Smith
    • “Chris has been helping our family eat well for several years, and I highly recommend [Chris] as a chef and nutritionist.”~ Leila Bulling Towne
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