Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you provide nutritional consulting without cooking services?
Yes, Chef Becker can combine both services or provide each separately.

Q: Is there a commitment for either service?
No, there is no commitment for services especially cooking services, which can be done short-term or even on a one time trial basis. Nutritional consulting can be done in one session but it is recommended that a minimum of 3 sessions be used.

Q: Do you work with restricted diets?
Yes. As a nutritionist this is something that inspires me to cook. Not feeling restricted but rather inspired to come up with creative menu plans is somewhat of a specialty for Becker Nutrition.

Q: The cost is roughly the same as what I would pay for an entrée in a restaurant… Why is that?
The price represents all components that make up the professional chef service. This includes a menu design and assessment of individual needs, which could involve diet research, food shopping, meal preparation, and packaging and storing of your selections.

Q: Do you cook in my kitchen?
Yes. On the cook date I will bring all the groceries along with my equipment and prepare your meals in the safety of your own kitchen.

Q: How should I prepare for the cook date?
Kitchen counters need to be somewhat clear except for appliances. Space should be provided for storage in the refrigerator.

Q: Do I need to be home for the cook date?
No, but that is completely up to you. Arrangements can be made at initial consultation.

Q: How long will you be in my kitchen?
Depends on the menu but typically 3 to 5 hours are spent cooking the menu.

Q: Do you use local and organic ingredients?
As much as possible this is the policy of Becker Nutrition.

Q: What kind of containers do you use?
It is recommended that you use glass and there is a one time fee for this, but if you prefer to use your own containers that is perfectly acceptable.

Q: How are my menus created?
Menus are designed several days ahead of the cook date and usually e-mailed for approval. If you are on a specific diet this obviously part of the menu creation. Approval should be confirmed 2 days in advance.

Q: Are the meals fully cooked?
Meals are generally fully cooked with the exception of some proteins, which need to be finished. Partially cooking proteins helps in the prevention of overcooking.

Q: Can I change the service to accommodate my needs?
The service is completely flexible and can be changed in any manner.

Q: How does payment work?
Payment in advance is customary but it is customary to leave a check or pay by Paypal on the cook date.

Q: How often will I need your services?
This will be determined by your current needs, but is very flexible.

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    • “Chris has been our personal chef and nutritionalist for almost 7 years. From day one we were impressed with both his skill in the kitchen and his ever-increasing knowledge
      of which foods would create the healthiest diet for our family. He has been a tremendous resource for our dietary needs”~ Eric Riess & Helena Weil, Ph.D.
    • “Our family hired [Chris] as a chef after our second baby was born...so we could enjoy a nutritious gourmet meal without going out to dine... [Chris] was a lifesaver during those postpartum months. I highly recommend Chris as a personal chef and or nutritional consultant to anyone who wants outstanding healthy cuisine and professional, friendly service.”~ Sarah & Morgan Smith
    • “Chris has been helping our family eat well for several years, and I highly recommend [Chris] as a chef and nutritionist.”~ Leila Bulling Towne
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